Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lipgloss and Nail-polish Review

Hello everyone! How are we all? 
Today I am SUPER excited to be writing a blog post on a few products which I absolutely LOVE! So here it goes...
Tanya Burr. Successful youtuber. Fashion/beauty guru and all-round lovely person. I've been watching her videos since last spring and I honestly can't imagine life without my weekly Tanya Burr fix! She has helped me so much, not just with fashion and beauty but with everyday life. Her videos really make me smile and I love and admire her very much. 

On the 30th January 2014, Tanya's first ever make-up range was launched. The collection is made up of 12 beautifully made and presented lipglosses and 10 shiny, gorgeous looking nail polishes. 
I ordered five products altogether- Three nail polishes and two lipglosses. I am beyond satisfied with them! 

The first nail polish and my favourite product of them all is the "Little Duck" nail polish. I find this name really fitting as it's a gorgeous duck egg blue colour. Applying it was simply, easy. I expected it to be translucent and for it to take a few coats to get it looking opaque but it turned out great with one simple coat! WIN! 

The next nail polish I purchased was a gorgeous hot pink colour called "Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You". Can I just say I LOVE the name, it's probably Tanya's most famous quote! The colour is so eye-catching and well...amazing! 

Finally, the last nail polish I ordered I must admit, I kind of got because of the name...outcomes my inner potterhead. It's a firey red colour that's called "Michief Managed". HARRY POTTER. Seriously, me and Tanya could be best friends. We both love penguins. We both love Harry Potter. She's a Hufflepuff, so am I...okay I'm going slightly off topic... 

I can't really comment on how long lasting they are as they only just came in the post today!  But from reading other people's reviews, they take well to wear. The nail polishes are £5.99 each, which is a very affordable price. 

LIPGLOSSES! The first lipgloss I ordered was "Picnic in the Park". I just love the name. It's so cute and very Tanya-ish. It's a cute pink colour that is super shiny on your lips. The applyer feels so soft and as well, your lips don't feel tacky. It's not one of those dodgy ones where all your hair gets caught in your lips! 

Finally, I ordered "Smile, Dream, Sparkle". This name is very fitting as the gloss has a lovely but subtle shine to it- perfect for Spring/Summer. Both the lipglosses smell of strawberries too! It's absolutely delicious!! 
These lipglosses were £6.99, again, a great price. 

Overall, I am BEYOND happy with my Tanya Burr products. They look great, feel great and they are affordable. I am SO proud of Tanya. You can really tell a lot of work has gone into the making of these amazing products and I am delighted everything has worked out fantastically! 
These lipglosses are available at They are also available at other online sites such as superdrug. Soon, the products will be going into selected superdrug stores around the UK! Also, it's worth knowing, at feelunique, if you spend over £10 it's FREE worldwide delivery! WIN! 

Thanks for reading this blogpost guys! Just to let you know in a few weeks I will also be filming a video review of these lovely products, so keep your eyes peeled for that over on YouTube!
I can't recommend these products enough and will definitely be buying more!
Kiera x 


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  1. I am definitely ordering some off of feel unique! x

    1. You totally should! They are amazing, and well we gotta show our support to Tanya! Xx