Monday, 26 January 2015


London has to be one of my favourite places to visit. Whenever I go I feel like I step onto another planet. There's the tourists walking around with their selfie sticks and smiling gazes, the people in suits with brief cases rushing around to important meetings... And then there's me. A girl from a small town with more ambitions than most. 

People watching. One of my favourite pass times. I don't mean the weird stalker kind. I mean sitting in Trafalgar Sqare for the best part of an hour watching the world go by. 

Shopping. London has to be THE shopping city. I love going to Covent Garden. On this trip to London I sat in a little cafe called Davys and had the most delicious hot chocolate known to man whilst watching a super talented opera singer. 

Sights. There are so many amazing landmarks in London, so many exhalations of breath when something beautiful catches your eye. 

Ambition. So many amazing opportunities reside in London. To me it will always be a city of mystery, with something new and exciting awaiting me around every corner. 



  1. I visited London in May and I was only there for three days, but the time I spent there and the things I got to see was all amazing. London is a really cool city.

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