Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Mini-Brush Set

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all have had a fabulous Christmas and here's to an amazing 2015! I realise over the past few months I've been somewhat quiet (I virtually disappeared off of the bloggingverse), but life got a little crazy and I've been putting double the effort into my YouTube channel to make up for my absense on here. I'm really excited for the new year and the blogs and YouTube videos that will follow. 
On the 25th of December I opened the beautiful Bobbi Brown Mini-Brush Set. This luxurious item makes the perfect gift and keepsake for all beauty, brush and Bobbi lovers. This is my very first Bobbi Brown product and from the quality of these brushes and the beautiful packaging, I know it will certainly not be the last! 
It came in a gift box which is the perfect size to store your makeup or whatever hidden treasure you fancy. I am a particularly big fan of the boxing the set comes in. I love the gold writing and red ribbon like stripes. I'm not one to throw nice packaging away so this will forever sit on my dressing table looking all pretty and photogenic. 
There are four brushes inside the brown faux croc case, and I have just realised it couldn't have been any other colour, as it is Bobbi BROWN. My mind is blown... In my opinion, every brush you would ever need when on the run is featured in this set. The face blender makes an excellent powder or blusher brush, and for me, touching up my powder is the thing I do most when out and about. There's also an eyeshadow brush, concealer brush and finally a double-sided liner brush. All the brushes are really easy to work with and are quite frankly, the softest things ever. It's crazy to think such good quality products can be stored in such a light, compact and pretty case. 
This limited edition Christmas set is brought out every year, so if you're wanting one for 2015 I would head on over to your local Bobbi Brown counter and grab yourself one now! 

Kiera x 


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