Friday, 15 August 2014

Huge Beauty Haul

Oops, I did it again! I may have a few new products in my makeup drawer after last weeks makeup splash-out. Though I don't feel too guilty as it has been a while since I went out and bought new makeup instead of picking up the odd product or two. I expect product reviews will be on the horizon, but for now, here's a little bit about my new buys...

1) Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet "03- Hot Pepper" - I finally decided to grab one of these revolutionary lip products as currently they are a lip product must-have! All beauty bloggers rave about how great and striking these lipsticks are, and I love a good matte lipstick for winter, especially one that isn't drying! I'm excited to try this out, and for £8.99 I imagine you can't simply go wrong! 

2) Soap & Glory Wonderbronze - This is actually my first S&G product which really excites me! I thought this bronzer looked absolutely gorgeous. It's full of sparkly pigmentation and I love the colour scheme. I have never been one to wear a sparkly (relatively powdery) bronzer, so I'm looking forward to trying this one. The mirror, might I add, is a fantastic mirror, and well..I love a good mirror! This cost me £11. 

3) MUA Eyeshadow Palette "Undressed" - As a lover and constant user of the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette, I fancied a little change and this MUA palette really caught my eye. I really like the colour scheme and think it's a great Autumn/Winter palette full of lovely warm tones. I can't comment on what it's like, but for £4 I thought it would be worth trying out.

4) Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover - This product I will either love or hate. It's supposed to remove your nail polish in a second, just by dipping your finger into the bottle and it's contents. I have seen numerous videos where this works amazingly and I've yet to try it out. For £4.99 I thought it was a must-have! 

5) The Body Shop Honey Bronzer - This is yet another product everyone is raving about at the minute. I have used this product and honestly I love it! It's a matte bronzer and I think it looks so elegant on the skin. It's around the £12 mark I believe. Great and affordable. 

6) The Body Shop All In One BB Cream - This is a favourite of mine and was simply a stock-up. I've been loving wearing this over the Summer as it feels really light on the skin. Be warned.. it isn't high on coverage, but with the right amount of concealer it gives a nice flawless finish. This is £12. 

7) The Body Shop Brush On Highlight - This highlighter is like no highlighter I have ever seen before, and the concept is totally new to me! The container holds within it small pearls, of various lovely colours. You dip your brush into the pearls, pop it onto your cheeks or your designated area and boom! You'll be a shimmering highlighted Queen! This cost me around £14 I believe. 

8) The Body Shop Blusher - Finally, I picked up a gorgeous pink blusher. It really caught my eye as the shimmer brick is full of various pinky tones which together, work really well. I have also used this as an eye shadow, taking out the various shades I wanted. And I love a product where you can use it for multiple purposes. This was £16. 

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  1. Didn't know Bourjois had a nail polish, I need to try that out - I always have a nightmare trying to remove mine!

    1. Same here! I think this will be a great product! X

  2. The MUA eyeshadow palette looks so super pretty! Do you have anything to say about it yet? Haha, I'm really curious about the quality of it considering it's so cheap :) x

    1. I've used a couple of the shades and I think considering the money, they're fine! The brown shade certainly lasted, but it started to crease later on in the day.

  3. Lovely post! I'm obsessed with The Body Shop. I have the bronzing powder too, it is really great!

    1. It is great! I'm loving using it! A favourite this month! X