Monday, 19 January 2015


I wanted today's post to be a little bit different, not the usual beauty or fashion related post. I know lots of people have a) already made this blog post or b) posted a video on YouTube about it, but I thought I would prefer to write down my thoughts instead and maybe next year I'll film a video looking back on all I mention here. 
2015. I already have a really good feeling about the year, partially because it ends a big chapter in my life. I am currently at college completing my second and final year of A-Levels. I'm glad it's the final year because I've suddenly lost a lot of interest in the subjects I am studying and they're not at all areas I wish to pursue career wise. In the autumn of 2015 I'll be starting a musical theatre course at a college somewhere. I'm still auditioning currently and it's actually a lot of fun! It means I get to go to London a few times and London is one of my favourite places. 
Going to concerts is one of my favourite things to do. From a young age my parents have always taken me and my brother to concerts, and we both love all styles of music. I invest a lot of money I've worked for into concert ticket buying which makes the amount of gigs and what not I go to all the more acceptable! So far this year, I have tickets booked for Collabro, The Script, Paloma Faith, Charli XCX, James Bay, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. I'm so excited and I'm sure there will be more concerts to come later on in the year. 
I also have my first holiday abroad without my parents booked! Me and three of my best friends are off to Palma Nova in Mallorca! We're going in July after all our exams have finished. We will truly be able to relax and have fun before we all head off to different universities. 
Going to different universities (or in my case - going to college) for me means moving away from home. As I sit and write this in my bedroom which I love A LOT and spend the majority of my time, it seems slightly strange that I'll be calling somewhere else 'home' later this year. I'm really excited to get a new room and to decorate it differently. If I get a good filming background and somewhere to put my Muji drawers than I'll be more than happy Ha Ha! 
In August I turn 18! I know that's still quite a way away but what excites me is the fact I can watch 18 - rated movies. Like who cares about the alcohol really?! 
Finally, it's my second year on the youtube and blogging universe. I am having SO much fun making videos and writing posts for you all on my little corner of the Internet! I can't remember what life was like before blogger and youtube existed. Those were dark times....

Now to spice things up a little bit, let's write a few New Years resolutions.... 

1) Have a good skincare routine 
2) Clean my makeup brushes more frequently 
3) Don't leave things while the last minute 
4) Upload videos and blog posts every week 
5) Pass my driving test 
6) Be happy 
7) Remember to stretch more often 
8) Drink more water 
9) Buy more makeup 
10) Read more books 

I realise this post has been ALL OVER the place, but I guess it's a way you guys can get to know me a lot better. Not that I'm all over the place, just... You know the drill. I promise next week I'll be back to the usual beauty/fashion related posts. For now, ADIOS. 

Kiera x 


  1. I definitely feel like you just described by life in this post! I feel like A2's is going to be the most stressful year ever, but I'm so excited to see the outcome!! Good luck in your auditions :)

    1. A2 is so stressful! But we can make it through this haha! And thank you so much xxxx