Thursday, 13 March 2014

Haim Gig!

Hello everyone! How are we all?
So, I've decided to mix things up a little bit...for today's post, no more fashion or beauty, it's all about an amazing gig I went to a few days back, and that is HAIM! 
When I tell people I've seen Haim, 50% of people know who they are (those who do are basically jealous I went to see them). Then, there's the other 50% who have never even heard of them. I find myself thinking, why not? And more importantly, HOW not? Three amazingly talented Californian sisters who are literally the coolest chicks around? Not to mention they bet Justin Timberlake to the number one spot with their debut album "Days Are Gone" here in the UK and a mighty six months later they're still topping the album chart! They are a new musical revelation!! 

So it all started at work, of all places. A song kept playing that I just LOVED and I wasn't sure who the singers were. Then, a friend recommended me listen to them, I did, I recognised the song I loved, I fell in love in the quickest time I have ever with a music artist and BOOM. The obsession begins.
I went to see them at the Sheffield O2 academy on the 11th March, 2014 after managing to buy a pair of tickets to the sold-out gig off of a very kind lady on twitter! At this stage, I'd only been listening to them non-stop for a month, since I discovered them in January. 
After battling my way to the barrier (gold sticker please) the support act for the gig came on stage. They were a New Zealand brother-sister duo called "Broods"! I had never heard of them, but over in New Zealand they are number one chart hitters! I loved them! The only support act I have ever seen where I've actually gone and bought their EP off of iTunes. They performed some of their songs which included "Bridges" and "Never Gonna Change". They also did a beautiful cover of "We Are The People" which literally gave me chills. They were so eccentric and really got the crowd going. 

So, next it was time. Time for Haim (wow that rhymes). The lights went down, screams filled the air and the room was filled with flashing spotlights and booms from the speakers that made your heart beat out of your chest. 
The girls ran on stage jumping around, picking up their guitars and waving to the audience. Este was stood straight in front of me throughout the whole gig. I got to see her famous Bass Face first hand. It was a big moment in my life. 
To everyone's pleasure, they sung every song off of their album. The gig started with their upbeat song "Falling" and ended with one of my favourite songs off of the album "Let Me Go". They also performed a cover of Beyonce's "XO" during the encore (honestly I prefer their version, hands down!) Everyone clapped their hands, screamed, sung along and danced. Or as Este liked to put it "Don't clap with your hands, clap with those butt-cheeks". 

Between practically every song was an epic guitar solo. It was literally INSANE. After seeing Haim in action I want to go out and learn how to play an electric guitar, or bass, you name it! 
Live, they sounded brilliant. The gig was so intimate and for me there were many pinch-me moments. It was weird to be rocking out with three girls from all the way across the pond. At one point, Este (obviously the most talkative and banterus if you haven't gathered that yet!) said she wanted us all to feel as though we were rocking out with them in their living room. It was a cool prospect and a fun thought! 
The funniest part of the gig however was when Este started to rap about Alana's legs. Yes, it was a random night. 
"I have to get me some eggs. I look over to my right, holy shit it's Alana's legs. Well what should I do. Let's get cereal. I don't know about the cereal...but I think the next songs forever here we go!" This was followed by Danielle and Este contemplating what would have successfully rhymed with cereal...
For me, it wasn't just Alana's legs that stole the show..It was just all three of them in general! They looked super HOT. Honestly, I have never wanted to be anyone as much as I have wanted to be a Haim sister after leaving the gig. They just looked so COOL. And I realise that doesn't sound very cool...
They have the greatest image. Leather and boots and legs and long gorgeous hair and the shiniest legs ever. I'm sorry, but no one could deny it, everyone was staring at the legs! 

Overall, the gig was amazing. They sounded brilliant, they looked fantastic (Danielle is now my girl crush), their personalities really came out and two minutes after the gig had finished I had serious withdrawal symptoms. 
Lucky for me though, I was "the chosen one". No, I'm not Harry Potter...I was the one who got Este's setlist which now resides on my wardrobe. I could have cried with happiness. 

am now an even bigger fan of Haim. I really, really, REALLY need to see them again. A perfect night overall that I will NEVER forget. I feel so honoured to have shared an hour and fifteen minutes with them :) 

Thanks a lot guys for reading! 
I realise this is a bit different for me, not the usual fashion/beauty related topic but..there's a reader out there for everything and everyone! 
Kiera x 

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