Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer Lips

Hello everyone! I have selected five of my favourite lip products from both high-end and drugstore that I know I will be using A LOT of over the summer! 

First of all I have a trusty mac lipstick. This post wouldn't be a post without a bit of mac! The one I have selected is an Amplified lipstick in the shade "Chatterbox" (A24). It's the perfect pinky shade for Summer and I love it very much. 

Secondly, I have selected one of my favourite Tanya Burr Lipglosses. This one is in the shade "Picnic in the Park", the top best seller! Glossy lips are really in this year, and I love love LOVE this. The fact it smells of strawberries is also really summery and nice and fruity! 

I am in love with my one and only Nars Pure Matte lipstick in the shade "Peloponnese". The colour is actually more of a nude on the lips (contrary to the image), which is perfect for an everyday basis. It also has a slight gold tint to it which I really like! I think this colour suits me most. And though it is a pure matte lipstick, usually it is not drying which is fabulous! I've also included a picture of me wearing it which was taken from my summer Lookbook (see previous post on how to find it). 

Now I have the mighty Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade "Audacious" (245). These balms have had a revolutionary takeover this year! They last for hours on your lips and the colours are so vibrant! A real facial statement! 

Finally (I'm guessing you're tired of staring at pictures of my fists haha!) I have one of my much adored No7 lipsticks. This lipstick was actually my favourite lipstick of 2013! YES, IT'S A GOOD ONE. It is called "Coral Whisper" and it contains SPF 15. Now THAT deserves a round of applause everyone. 

If you're interested, you can check out my Lip Product Addict Tag over on my YouTube channel, where I talk about my all time favourite lip products: 

What are your favourite lip loves for summer? I would LOVE to know as I love trying new products out! (I just wrote the word 'love' like a million times haha!) 
Thanks for reading! 
Kiera x 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skinfinish

Hello everyone! Today I am feeling super excited. That can only mean one thing..This is a mac product review! 

Mac makeup is in every girls dreams. This year my mac collection has certainly grown! The newest addition to that collection and today's 'reviewee' being the Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skinfinish, or as I like to call it, the highlighter from heaven

Prior to getting this, I've never really bothered much with highlighters and have never included them in my everyday makeup routine. THIS amazing product has changed my mind! Wearing this highlighter makes all the difference in the world. I mostly apply it to my cheekbones and it gives great definition. However, sometimes I pop it onto the brow bone to UP my brow game! On the skin it gives a radiant shine, which I have found works really well on camera! Below is a picture of me when we were out filming my Summer Lookbook (watch the video on YouTube here: ). Nothing like a bit of self promotion ey ; ) But seriously, this picture really shows the high shine it gives. It can really structure the face and make any makeup look! 

This mac highlighter cost me £23. Not cheap but not entirely unaffordable. Once you have it in your makeup drawer (it sits nicely in my Muji storage) it will last you months, if that's at all reassuring. 

Thanks for reading! 
Kiera x