Monday, 20 October 2014

Zoella Beauty Review!

Zoella. Also known as Zoe Sugg. If you're reading this, I would imagine you would have heard of the Internet starlet, but if in the off chance you haven't, she is the Queen of Youtube. Her YouTube channel 'Zoella', is a place where she uploads beauty, fashion and lifestyle related videos. From makeup tutorials to funny challenges with fellow youtuber friends, she has captured the hearts of millions and has completely captured my very own. I have been watching her videos for what seems like forever, and they really do bring me so much happiness. Zoe was indeed one of the few people who inspired me to make my own YouTube channel, and I could never thank her enough for that. NOW! Away with the cheesiness and onto why we're here! 

Zoe has released seven products as part of her debut beauty range. The collection is mostly related to skincare, which is something Zoe is obviously very passionate about. The packaging of all the products is honestly so cute, rather photogenic and VERY Zoella! 

The Blissful Mistful perfume is a bestseller! When I heard there was going to be a perfume, I was expecting it to be at least £20, but I was pleased and rather delighted to find the perfume only cost £8. The biggest bargain of the century! The perfume has a subtle sweet scent, nothing too over-powering but very girlish. When I first sprayed it, I was instantly reminded of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, a perfume favourite of mine. The bottle is a nice size and very easy to pop in your handbag and carry around with you on your daily travels. I think this would make a perfect gift for Christmas! YES! I said the C word already! 

I am loving the Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion. It's enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe and Shea butter which softens and conditions the body beautifully. I have been applying this to my arms and legs most evenings and it feels fabulous. This big bottle only costs £5, so it's something that cannot be missed! 

The Zoella Fizz Bar was probably the product I was most looking forward to trying. The concept is so unique and great. At first sight it looks like a chocolate bar, allowing you to break off little pieces of the bath bomb easily. It says 1-2 cubes should do it, but for me personally I need to use more to get a decent amount of bubbles in my bath. It smells amazing and it makes your bath water go all white and purifying. This pretty product costs £8. 

My final purchase was the Soak Opera which is a really lovely body wash. I can honestly say this is my favourite product from the collection. It smells LUSH and once again it feels really nice and soothing on the skin. It even leaves a lasting smell of sweetness on your skin when you get out of the bath/shower. It's an amazing size and looks ever so pretty sat on the side of my bath. This product was £5 which again is such an amazing price for such an amazing product! 

Other items in the range include two make-up bags and a candle. I'll definitely be investing in these in the near future! The Zoella Beauty range is available in selected superdrug stores, and is also available on the superdrug and feelunique website. Overall I am SO happy with my buys and would definitely recommend her products and re-purchase my buys in the future. I am so proud of Zoe and I can't wait to see more exciting things for her unfold. 

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