Friday, 27 December 2013

New Mac Makeup!

Hello! Hola! Bonjour, and welcome to my blog! 
Quick introduction...I'm Kiera! 16-year-old girl from England! I have finally decided to set up a blog just to give you guys advice, reviews and information about various products, clothes and all the latest trends. I'll talk about the good, the bad, the weird and the wonderful. I like to try new things and products so please comment if you have any thoughts, product recommendations etc. My favourite shops include Warehouse, Topshop, River Island, basically the high street stores (oh and Waterstones- I'm such a book nerd!) I realise this isn't really short so I'll get right to it. 

For my first post, I thought I would talk about something every girl loves- Mac cosmetics! I got a few new things for Christmas and thought I would review them! 

The first item is this awesome red lipstick- every girl needs a good red lipstick! 

The lipstick is called "Creme in your coffee", A83. I don't really get the name but the colour is Devine! It's not your typical red. There's something dark and mysterious about it. I'd definitely recommend this to people who don't feel comfortable walking out with bright red lips. It's slightly toned down yet distinctive and attractive. Sadly, I don't think this lipstick is as long lasting as I would have liked. You have the full effect for about 2 hours, then it gradually fades. There are other lipsticks in my collection that are much longer lasting. This however doesn't bother me in the slightest. I love the colour too much to get worked up about it. As well I really liked the packaging. You can always tell a good brand with the way they package their products. Mac obviously do this amazingly. 

The next product is the one I am most excited to talk about as it is a limited-edition product! 


"The stroke of midnight Eyes/Cool" is one of three new, limited-edition mac eye shadow palettes. Each set contains five different shades that in my opinion are perfectly put together. Mac have named the five colours in this set Fair Sex, Deception, Romance Me, Shadowy Lady and Frisco. These names in themselves say a lot about the product. Very eye catching, slightly flirtatious with a hint of subtleness that gives your make-up look a classy edge. The highly pigmented powder formula applies evenly, whilst blending and building beautifully. It is very easy to use and apply. Whether you go for a smoky eye (I find mixing shades Deception and Romance is the better match for this) or just the sparkly brown Deception (which is my favourite) the finished look is sure to wow all eyes. 

The Limited-edition black compact features a chic graphic white pattern, elegantly edged with gold piping. I LOVE the packaging. I feel a sense of achievement knowing I have one of these fancy boxes containing a limited-edition product! The palette includes a double-ended 213 Fluff Brush and 266 Small Angle Brush. Though it sounds all amazing it really isn't. I am yet to come across a make-up palette that contains a decent brush. I suppose it's alright to use if there's no other brushes about but really, not impressive mac. The palette also includes a mirror which is exactly what every user needs. 
Overall, I LOVE this product! It's a lovely set to keep in your handbag as it's small enough to fit. The finished look is amazing and rewarding and the colours are gorgeous! I've done some quick research into the other two palettes that are in this collection. 

"Stroke of Midnight- Warm" (above left) is the total opposite to the set I have. The colours are much more vibrant and inviting and would probably suit people with darker hair (instead of blonde hair like mine). The third and final palette "Stroke of Midnight- Smoky" (above right) is the ultimate smoky eye set. The dark brown and black are perfect for contouring. If I could choose any of the remaining two palettes I would definitely go for the smoky set! And that is ironic as unsurprisingly, the smoky palette is the only one of the three available to buy online, the others are currently sold out! That just shows how great these palettes are and how amazingly popular Mac make-up is. Hopefully they'll be back in stock soon so keep your eyes peeled girls! 

The final product I am going to talk about is mascara! 

This A23 opulash optimum black mascara provides long lasting lashes which makes your eyes look bigger and your lashes appear ten times longer. Expansion of the lashes is delivered dramatically with macs best brush yet! This new formula is a more saturated intense black with extra-volumization.  I was surprised at how big the mascara was- it looks great. I wouldn't say it's as easy to apply as say, Benefits mascara is (which up to now is my favourite mascara) but whether you want to put loads of mascara on or just a little like I prefer to do, it looks great either way. If you were in need of a new mascara I wouldn't be sure whether I'd recommend this to you as I've only been wearing it a few days so it's hard to tell. But I think new mascara's take a bit of getting used to so I'm sure I'll come to love it within the week! AND the bonus of this product is that it is said to last 15 hours! I am in total agreement with this number! 

I really hope this post has been of some use to you. Beforehand, I was pretty much a Mac virgin! I am really happy with these new products and I now know I'll be venturing into Mac a lot more often. 

Thank you SO much for reading my blog. This is my first ever post so please, feedback is permitted (though be nice please). 

Kiera x 


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